Books and Illustrated Personalised gifts

My name is Gail and I write poems and illustrate stuff for kids.

My first paper published book, ‘I Am Going To Save The World’, has received some excellent reviews, as well as having some interesting results, and is available from my online shop. It will also be appearing in various outlets across the country very soon! It’s a simple rhyming book aimed at encouraging young kids to look after the planet, and to encourage their parents, too! I also do the odd reading and signing session along with ‘Saving the World’ bookmaking workshops, and have several other educational books and projects in the pipeline.

I’ve just finished illustrating and designing the songbook and artwork for Cosmo4Kids new album, ‘You’re Gonna Get Marmalised!’  To see some of the pictures, have a look at the gallery page, and to hear the album, click here or see the links page.

I am happy to take commissions for other authors, and also for one-off personalised cards, posters and other artwork. The options for these will appear in my shop soon, but for now, if you would like a quote for a cartoonised kid (or adult!) and a personal poem about them, feel free to email your requirements.

Thanks for popping by!